Height: 30-3/4” 30-3/4” 30-3/4”
Width: 9-7/16” 16-1/8” 24-3/4”
Depth: 22” 22” 22”
Weight: 72lbs. 117lbs. 145lbs.
Capacity: 3gal(12LT) X 1 3gal(12LT) X 2 3gal(12LT) X 3
Power: 9A(500w) 12A(900w) 15A(1500w)
Voltage: 120VAC/60Hz 120VAC/60Hz 120VAC/60Hz

There are a thousand reasons for choosing First Class, here are a few :

It is the only real multipurpose machine for the perfect mixing of cold or frozen drinks .
First machine fitted with a double-propeller mixing system which guarantees perfect homogenous mixing.
It may be cleaned very quickly and helps you respect the HACCP sanitary regulations .
It has a capacity of no less the 12 liters for every bowl and offers you the opportunity to increase its capacity up to
unlimited using our auto-fill system..

Elmeco First Class Brochure

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